RV-10  Big Oil Door




your cowling and install a large Oil Door

We modify your top cowl to allow the left rear quarter to hinge completely clear of the opening.  By releasing a few 1/4-turn fasteners, you gain ample access to not just the dipstick and oil filler, but are also able to visually inspect the entire baffled area, baffle seals, and accessory area (both magnetos, fuel pump, oil cooler, exhaust system, oil filter, firewall, nose gear bumpers, etc., etc.).

After you fit your cowl, we will modify it to open by decoring the edges of the cowl and new door, fill the existing oil door area, add the hinge, and the stiffener to maintain the cowls shape, and add fasteners as you choose.

1.) Order our Big Oil Door.
2.) We will send you a large shipping box and detailed instructions how to ship your cowl to us.

3.) We will modify your cowling within 5 to 7 days of receiving it from you.

4.) We will ship your modified cowling to you collect freight (COD).

PLEASE consult with us to estimate payment for OVERSEAS shipments.


Price: $1720 (modification only) plus shipping and your choice of fasteners, FOB Watsonville, CA. USA

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               Ohio Residents will pay 6.75% tax.


RV-10 Big Oil Door Modification     BODM-RV-10,   $1720.00

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