Low Fuel Level Sensor





This sensor is an optical low fuel sensor.  This sensor was carefully chosen to monitor aircraft fuel level.  It works great in the harsh environment of the fuel tank area and has a proven track record. The output is high when the sensor is in the air, low when in liquid. Please check with us to see a list of products that utilize this sensor.  The sensor comes with an appropriate nut and washer.  The sensor threads are 12mm x 1.0.  The leads are about 5" long.



The optical fuel sensor is a non-contact sensor mounted in a single hole in the fuel tank.  It operates by bouncing a beam of light into the sensors lens.  If it is reflected back into the sensor, there is no liquid present.  If it is not reflected back, it is dissipated into the liquid media.  The sensor output is pulled down, or activated.  Lots of people ask if it works in a "T" fitting instead of mounting it in the fuel tank area, YES!  You just need to allow enough space so the tip of the sensor is away from the wall of the fitting.  It also needs to be mounted horizontally so that a drop of fuel does not accumulate on the tip of the sensor, otherwise it will still sense it is full of fuel. 


Here is an AE Sensor ONLY spec. sheet that you may print.

Low Fuel Sensor Spec Sheet


See how to install the sensor.

Sensor Installation


This sensor cannot be operated with a higher voltage than 12Vdc!  Most automotive and aircraft bus voltages are higher than this.  It is for this reason that you MUST connect it to a lower voltage.  Not to worry, it is pretty easy to remedy this.    You can use a 12V regulator like the LM7812 or LM78L12.  You can get these most anywhere.  You can even use a zener diode in series with the power lead going to the red wire.  The voltage value of the zener must guarantee that the voltage will not go above 12V.  I have used a 3V to 4.7V zener for my applications.  See typical wiring diagrams.

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Model: Low Fuel Sensor ONLY, (LFSensor)   $45.00

(Sensor operates from +5V to +12V.)

(Aircraft bus voltage is typically higher than +12V and cannot be used to power the sensor directly.)


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