Fire Protection for your Aircraft





In case of an aircraft fire, keep your temperatures low until you can safely land!


Aircraft Extras, Inc. has negotiated with Contego to offer the homebuilder, Contego Fire Protection for Experimental Aircraft in quart and gallon sizes!



Contego - is a heavy-bodied, Passive Fire Barrier, single-part latex designed for use on various construction materials such as Wood, Aluminum, ,Steel, Stainless Steel, and many other materials.  It has been proven very effective in homes for preventing the spread of fire, and now it is being used for aircraft. 




    Under the instrument panel

    or anywhere fire may break out



When activated by heat or flame, a dense carbon char is formed separating and shielding the substrate from heat while off gassing displaces oxygen from the treated surface; thus eliminating two of the three components needed for combustion.



Simply prepare the surface of the firewall or etc. just like you would before you paint anything.  Clean the surface.  If the surface is smooth, etch it so paint will adhere to it.  Spray the Contego on.  Paint until you get approximately a 21mil thickness (0.021 inch).  Let dry.



    Protects from heat and fire

    Smooth, thin, decorative finish

    All components are non-toxic latex

    Economically priced

    Fast curing times

    Easy repair

    Fast drying

    May be sprayed, brushed, or rolled

    Water clean up



    Color: White

    VOC(Less Water): 24.4 Grams/Litre

    Weight/US Gallon: 10.25 lbs

    Hazardous Ingredient: N/A

    WHMIS Class: Not Controlled

    Flammability: Not Flammable

    Weight Solids: 56.2 %

    Volume Solids: 43.7 %

    Specific Gravity: 1.29



The numbers tell the story!



                                       Click the graph for a larger view


Contego’s Aluminum Sheet Fire Test Procedure for the above graphs


Test Panel

14"x14"x1/8" aluminum sheet


Thermal Couples

Thermal Couples (TC) 2,3 and 4 firmly fixed to cool side of aluminum panel in centered 6" circle to measure temperature of panel. TC 6 suspended on heat side of panel, tight to panel, directly in front of heat source to measure heat applied to surface of panel.


Heat Source

250,000 BTU propane flame applied directly to surface of panel.


Treated Panel

One coat of red oxide primer followed by three spray coats of Contego intumescent latex paint, approximate coating thickness of 21mil.



Untreated (bare) panel was completely destroyed in under 18 minutes with gradual temperature increase as noted in graph.

Treated panel had heat applied as noted in graph under identical setup as untreated panel. Test was conducted for 2 hrs and 15 minutes at which point it was discontinued. The panel temperature never reached 400 ° F as noted in graph.




   Contego MSDS Sheet   


   View the FOAM BURN TEST VIDEO  (56K Modem Dial-up)

   View the FOAM BURN TEST VIDEO  (DSL or High Speed Link)




1.) Does Contego come in other colors?

It can be tinted by the end user up to 10%, which gives a pastel color at most (the product has a lot of TiO2 in it) - more relevant, it can be top coated with whatever you like.

3.) What paints can you use over Contego? 

If so, does this compromise the fire barrier? Use anything without compromise - an acrylic latex is technically the best.  The only no-no is alphetic polyureas, but it's highly unlikely that anyone will try that.


3.) Does painting over Contego compromise the fire barrier?

Use anything without compromise - an acrylic latex is technically the best. 

4.) Do you recommend painting Contego on both sides of the firewall? 

You only apply Contego facing the area where there is a risk of fire.  You apply Contego to the engine side of the firewall.  An engine fire burning toward the cockpit is a large risk to the occupants of the cockpit.



CONTEGO Fire Protection - One Quart    $24.95

CONTEGO Fire Protection - One Gallon   $73.95

CONTEGO Fire Protection - Five Gallon   $345.95



Shipping prices vary greatly for this shipping weight.  Please e-mail us and we will estimate a shipping price for you.  We will then send you a PayPal invoice that you can pay.  If you want to pay by check, you may do that as well.  (Ohio Residents will pay 7.5% tax.)



CONGEGO can also be used for buildings and other applications as well.


LARGER quantities are available at a special price.


PLEASE e-mail or call for quantity pricing.