DIMMER  Description


This is a great product!  It functions as a 15A dimmer and only weighs 0.58 oz.  It is FAA PMA approved for many aircraft.  It is worth the money given these traits alone. 


It operates with an input voltage from 12V to 35 Vdc.  The output is voltage controlled.  The current draw can be anywhere from 0 to 12.5 Amps.  All this is packed in the small 1-1/4 Inch Diameter Package.  Connections are made via a standard 1/4" spade lug connector.  It is light weight, powerful, and solid state dimmer.




   Experimental aircraft instrument panels

   Instrument Panels

   DC blower motors

   Small DC motors

   Halogen lights within the specifications

   Hundreds of DC Lighting Control applications

   Boat Cruiser Cabins


SPECIFICATIONS:   Model #9100-001-A

   Input Voltage Range: 12 to 35VDC 

   Max Current Output: 12.5 Amps

   Controlled Output: ( 0 to 12VDC . . to . .  0 to 35VDC ) at ( 0 to 12.5 Amps )


       150 Watts @12 VDC

       288 Watts @24 VDC

       350 Watts @28 VDC

   Install with Standard Supplied solderless Crimp Connectors

   Potentiometer Rotation: 270 Rotational Life: 500,000 Turns

   Operating Temperature Range: -20 C to +50 C

   Internal temperature Protect: +85 C

   Storage Temperature: -40 C to +100 C

   Maximum Internal Temperature: @12.5A +15 C

   Enclosure Material: Bayer FR 110 Resin Meets UL 94

   Flame Rating: V-2 (0.03in) V-0 (0.059in) 5VB (0.098in) 5VA (0.13in)

   One Year limited warranty

   Weight: 0.58 oz (16.6g)


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AIRCRAFT  DIMMER,   Model: DIMMER1,   $285.00