What is the best method to contact Aircraft Extras, Inc.?

Try e-mailing first!  E-mail is normally received several times per day during the normal work-week.


PayPal Problems?

Try this next time.

1.) Log into PayPal first,  Set up your personal account first.

2.) Log back into  Click on the items you want to order and complete the

     PayPal information.

NOTE:  If PayPal asks you for an e-mail address to send money to, type in


How can I tell if you received my PayPal order?

Check your PayPal account information.  You should show a payment to


How do I pay using PayPal if there isn't a PayPal button on the web?

We are trying to keep prices down to the aircraft homebuilder.  If there is no payment button, the reason is probably because it is a high dollar item.  We would rather you send us a check or money order for these orders.  This is because it will save you money.  PayPal charges large amounts of commission on these items.



How do I pay using PayPal for special orders when there is no PayPal button.

On special orders, we have probably already given you a total price for your merchandise via the phone or web.  If this is the case, you can pay using this method:

1.) Go directly to www. 

2.) Send money to: 

3.) Make sure you write in the notes field what the payment is for.