Speed Modification

Fuel Drain Fairings



Speed mod for the fastest planes!



These two fuel drain fairings have been specially designed to fit the RV-6 aircraft; however, they will fit other aircraft as well. They measure 5.25" long x 2" wide x 1" tall.   They have a hole in the center to accommodate a normal aircraft fuel drain.  This hole measures 0.5" in diameter.  The fairings are made from high impact resistant ABS plastic.  They may be easily painted if desired.

The fairings are intended to be attached to the bottom of the wing using RTV (a Silicon Rubber Glue).  The bottom of the fairings are slightly curved to match the bottom of the aircraft wings.  The fairings could be utilized on a flat surface with a minor modification.  To accomplish this,  simply sand the fairings flat, or just use a little more RTV to fill in the small gap.


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Two Fuel Drain Fairings  -  FDF2,   $24.00

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