Market  your  GIZMO or

Invention  with Aircraft Extras, Inc.!



Yes, you can advertise and market your invention(s) for homebuilt aircraft, with Aircraft Extras, Inc.  Aircraft Extras welcomes any great products and/or ideas of any other homebuilder, vendor, or manufacturer.  This being the case, Aircraft Extras will market and sell your product(s).  If you have any great ideas and/or products, present them to Aircraft Extras and discover the very low cost of marketing your great inventions here.


Why Sell and Market here?

It is the intention of Aircraft Extras, Inc. to offer quality products to the aircraft homebuilder's arena while also keeping the selling prices low for the homebuilder.  Aircraft Extras is a company that has a good name and excellent reputation.  Our goal is to reach many homebuilders while utilizing a low cost advertising campaign.  Many homebuilders have already discovered our quality products at affordable prices. 


The process is FAST and SIMPLE: