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You can have an exact replica of your plane on your desk at home, or in the office.

Aircraft Extras, Inc. has partnered up with a custom model shop to offer exact replicas of your homebuilt aircraft!  These replicas are HAND CRAFTED by experienced modelers.  We are presently offering the RV-3, RV-4, RV-6, RV-7, RV-8, RV-9, & RV-10 models for a low introductory price!  The size of the RV models are running about 16" to 18" wing span.


Other homebuilt models are also available for the asking.


I had a MODEL made of MY PLANE first!


At first, I was skeptical that anyone could do a good job replicating a model of my plane, especially just from pictures.  I didn't want to offer a product that I didn't feel was going to be a good product. I felt the only way to see if they were any good, was to test them, . . . so . . I ordered a replica of my plane!  It took about 3-1/2 months to get, but I was really impressed with the overall quality.  When I received my model, it was very well packed and free of damage.  When I removed it from the box, WOW!  It was like looking at my own plane in miniature!  It was an exact match of my plane!


I had them match up the colors from a photograph I had sent in.  They were a perfect match! All of the little details were there as well, my antennas, the pitot tube, strobes, nav. lights, the wing step, the exhaust pipes, & etc. My "N" numbers were painted on the tail perfectly.  Even the logo on the wing walk was there, "RV-6A"!  I kept looking for flaws, but I really couldn't complain about anything.  I showed this model to a lady friend that goes flying with me a lot. She even said WOW! . . and she is not easily impressed!  She said it would make a wonderful gift for Christmas for any homebuilder/pilot.


Can we replicate YOUR PLANE as well as mine was?

   YES!   If you provide Aircraft Extras, Inc. with good documentation. . . . HERE's HOW



    KEEP in MIND, . . we will produce a perfect replica of your plane based upon the pictures and drawings that you submit.  Your replica will ONLY be as good as your documentation that you submit.

1.) Provide us as many pictures as you can!  Youíll get them back when your model arrives.  If we cannot see it, we cannot replicate it.

2.) Let us know if you want all of the antennas, lights, steps, canopy latch, gas caps, & etc. detailed on your plane.  Make sure that the pictures not only show their details, but their locations too.

3.) Let us know if you want your model to look any different than your pictures.

4.) Give us a good representation of your true aircraft colors.  Sometimes pictures are not perfect color.  If you can provide Paint Chips, this would be good.  If you have one picture that has a correct color representation, mark it clearly that we are to use it for color matching.  We do not paint with metal flake, but we will match the color as close as possible.

5.) Tell us how you want us to represent your landing lights, canopy, etc.  Usually, the landing lights on front of wings, and the canopy glass is painted grey.  The air intakes and the front of the cowling intakes are usually painted black.  How should these be represented if different?

6.) Each model comes with a finished dark wood base.  It usually has a logo carved on it that is normally painted.  Another brass looking tag can be located on the base containing text.  Tell us what this should look like.  What should the text say?  (Ex. First Flight, March 22, 2000)

7.) IMPORTANT ! MAKE SURE that you tell us any and all features that you want on your replica.  Write a detailed description of all features you feel we have to include.  If you donít point it out, it may not be represented on your replica.  Add another sheet of text to the order form if necessary.

8.) Fill out the order form in triplicate.  A link is provided to it below.

OK, if you have to have one of these replicas too, hereís what to do:

You must download and fill out the order form:  ORDER FORM

Fill out the form in triplicate.

Include any accompanying text sheets in triplicate.

Send all three order forms, along with all of your pictures, drawings, and text documentation to: Aircraft Extras, Inc.

Allow 120 days for delivery please.

Oh yea, donít forget to send the payment too!


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