Aircraft  Handles



(NO more welding !)


Facilitates Passengers as well as Pilots



Facilitates Pilots and Passengers getting in and out

Facilitates the repairman getting out of precarious positions when working under the instrument panel


What are the dimensions and material?

The handles are made from light weight aluminum.  They are a solid design for strength.  They are 5/16" in diameter and measure 3-1/2" long.  The center to center dimension is 4".  The handle length was intentionally designed rather long.  It is intended to extend thru a 1-1/2" to 2" diameter roll bar.  If the handle it too long for your application, you may simply cut the length short, re-drill, & tap the handle ends.


How do you attach them?

Attaching the handles involves NO welding!  Each handle has two, #10-32 threaded holes in the handle ends.  Mounting is simple.  Simply drill a #10-32 clearance hole thru your roll bar (forward and aft sides).  Enlarge the aft side holes to a diameter of 5/16".  Shove the handles into the 5/16" holes until the handle ends butt up against the forward #10-32 clearance holes.  Install two, #10-32 screws.  You may even opt to countersink the #10-32 screw clearance holes to utilize flat head screws.  If you use a standard bolt, and are concerned with the appearance of the large head, you can even grind the head down flatter for a better look.  These handles work great!


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HANDLES    AH-2,   $25.00

Two Aluminum Handles, unpainted (#10-32 mounting screws not included) 

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