KitLog Pro began simply as an electronic builder’s log and has since evolved into a complete builder's resource tool that has completely revolutionized the experimental aircraft industry. Currently there are over 2,000 experimental aircraft builders from around the world using KitLog Pro.

KitLog Pro, a product of Aeroware Enterprises, LLC, was introduced in the year 2001. Aeroware Enterprises, LLC is owned and operated by current EAA members who have hands on experience with building experimental aircraft. Aeroware Enterprises, LLC is based in Chandler, Arizona.

Aeroware Enterprises, LLC remains active in the experimental aircraft industry by donating copies of KitLog Pro as door prizes at EAA chapters, experimental aircraft workshops, and fly-ins. 

  Construction Log

  Expense Log

  Test Flight Log

  Maintenance Log

  Weight and Balance Calculator

  Reference Materials and Forms


Each of the logs listed above can be printed into an organized hard copy, or posted to the Internet to share with other builders, friends, and family.  Also included in the software are all the FAA forms, advisory circulars, and regulations pertinent to the building of an experimental aircraft.















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Construction Log:
This feature allows you to keep detailed records of time worked and pictures taken. Enter brief descriptions, detailed descriptions, captions, and more.


The summary screen shows your progress at a glance and total hours worked. Sort your entries by date, description, category, hours, and more.


Reports can be printed in numerous formats. Print a single daily entry with large pictures, multiple entries with smaller pictures, or even print all of the entries with no pictures at all. This allows you the flexibility of maintaining a hard copy backup of your KitLog Pro builder's log.



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Inspection and First Flights
KitLog Pro includes all the FAA forms and documents that are required at time of inspection.  Use these forms for a neat and clean presentation during the inspection process. These forms are available in Adobe PDF format.


Weight and Balance Calculator:

This feature assists you with the initial weight and balance calculations when weighing the aircraft prior to inspection.  Enter factory specifications, arms, weights, and different scenarios.


The summary screen shows the empty weight totals, calculated center of gravity, scenarios using defined arms, and more.  Do not put a divider line between these two screen shots.


Test Flight Log:

This feature allows you to record precious test flight information. Enter the date, temperature, total time, test area, description, altitude, climb, manifold, RPM, fuel flow, and more.


The summary screen shows the flight number, date, temperature, time, test area, and total flight hours.



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Maintenance Log:

This feature allows you to keep detailed records of maintenance performed on the aircraft. Select from prop, engine, or airframe categories and enter detailed explanations of work performed.


The summary screen shows the type of maintenance conducted, date, time in service, time since new, meter, tach, work performed, and totals.


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