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The original Tip-Up-Slider was introduced at Oshkosh 2000 by me.  Five years later, I found another interesting Tip-Up/Slider version created by John Ward.  They both have their advantages.  We thought we'd offer this one for sale as well.

Here's what John has to say:

When we visited Oshkosh this summer (2005),  many of you saw our airplane with its sliding canopy and tip up system.  After so many expressed an interest in it, we decided to build a few kits and offer them for sale.  Weve actually made many improvements since you last saw it.

Heres a little history about how this design came about. My wife loves to fly cross country with me, and, of  course we need to carry some luggage for that. RV6s and 7s have plenty of capacity (volume and weight), but it can be difficult to get all that stuff into the baggage compartment of the sliders. We had seen another  fine example of a slider with a tip up feature out there, but we wanted to do our own unique version just for the challenge of it. We built our canopy with our own aluminum canopy roller brackets, replacing the perfectly good welded steel versions as supplied by Vans. These brackets allow the canopy to tip forward, but we still only had a broomstick to hold it up! It took about a year of mostly standing there looking at the problem of how to hold the canopy up, that it finally came to us. As  engineers, we like the system now. It looks good, is elegantly simple, and is as easy to install as possible. An added bonus is that it is now easier to access the baggage area for maintenance and cleaning. My wife likes how easy it is to put all of our bags in. Now she wants headrests for when she takes a nap! I guess that the RV Tipper means that we can have headrests and still have access to the baggage area!


Here is how it should work when you get done. Stand on the left side behind the wing.


                Lift the canopy slide stop to let the canopy slide all the way back so that the UHMW guide will lift off of the T-rail

                Lift the back of the canopy up 812  inches

                Slide the canopy forward to the stop and tip it  up

                Extend the strut straight up all the way and then tilt it forward

                Engage the strut into the UNHW canopy slide and twist turn to lock


Since the strut supports the canopy in the center, no side loads are imposed.  It is locked in place so that the wind wont pull it off of the strut.


The intermediate stop can be used to limit how far open the canopy slides when we are in taxi or run-up mode. It keeps the charts in the plane!


For more info, see:


John's Tip-Up-Slider JTS-1 Instructions


John's Tip-Up-Slider JTS-1 Slide Stop Parts

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