More TECHNICAL  Details   



      *   OPERATES  ON  +12V  &  +24V  SYSTEMS


      *   Set-Up  is  FULLY  user  PROGRAMMABLE!






The FPS-Plus-nt has two modes of operation, and one mode for programming.

After installation, it will be up to the user to decide which one of the four modes that the FPS-Plus-nt will operate. 


MODE 1 - (Proportional manual flap operation only)

Flap moves only when flap button is pressed. You must keep holding the button for the flap to move.


MODE 3 - (Automatic step flap mode)

Flap moves from programmed flap stop to flap stop. One press less than 1 second (Short Press) begins the movement, up or down.  Hold the flap button for more than 1 second (Long Press), and the flap will go all the way to its end stop.  The direction will be towards the button pressed, flap up, or flap down. If the flap is moving, to stop it, simply press the opposite command.  The flap movement will stop.


MODE 5 - (Used for programming all flap stops.)


One Touch Operation

In the fully automatic mode (mode 3), a “one button touch”, commands the flaps to move.  This “one touch command” moves the flap from one programmed flap stop, to the next programmed flap stop.  Holding the button down for more than 1 second commands the flap to go to either the full up, or the full down positions.  If you decide to abort going to a flap position after you gave a command to do so, just give it an opposite command.  The FPS-Plus will stop the control surfaces from further movement.




NEW Installation:

Installation is easy!  The only items you'll need, is the FPS-Plus-nt, a flap motor assembly, and one position sensor for the flaps.  If you want the position of the flaps to be displayed on your panel, you'll need a position indicator as well. 



You can utilize most motors, position sensors, and position indicators that are on the market today.  If you want to retrofit the FPS-Plus-nt to your already flying aircraft, you may.  You don't have to install any limit switches to your flap system.  The FPS-Plus utilizes the output from your "already existing" flap & elevator trim position sensors.  Some motor assemblies, like the Ray Allen Company's motors, already have built-in position sensors.


Installing Position Indicators with the FPS-Plus-nt:

If you want to use a position indicator with the FPS-Plus, please read on.  Position indicators that are presently sold by various companies, have very different input signal requirements.  Some companies have two or more different input ranges.  It is unfortunate that no standard exists for these indicators.  In order to utilize the wide variety of position indicators with the FPS-Plus-nt, Aircraft Extras, Inc. has developed a small add-on pc board that will also be supplied with each FPS-Plus-nt, at no extra charge.




   Click the PIC to see how

   others have mounted the

   flap position sensor.





Programming has never been so easy.  NO limit switches to play with!  Just put the FPS-Plus in mode 5.  Position your flaps where you want them, and press the program button.  You may store from 2 to 10 intermediate flap positions, your choice. 

(Note: Storing no flap positions, will automatically give you the full up, and full down positions by default.)



The system will operate on +12Vdc or +24Vdc systems.

Maximum amperage for each motor, 10A.

Dimensions (overall) 3" x 5.75" x 1.25"

Footprint 3 x 5.75"

Mounting 2 holes in bottom flanges, 0.156" dia, 5.375" apart

Weight <4oz.


  FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

What else do I need to complete the FPS-Plus-nt installation?



Does this system come complete with control motors, position sensors, or position indicators?

NO, but the good news is; you can connect it up directly to most small aircraft that are flying today, or design it into your present aircraft project.  The Ray-Allen Company's systems and other flap motor actuators systems from Vans Aircraft are all compatible. 


Are the Ray Allen Company’s servos and position sensors compatible with this system?

YES - The servos even have a potentiometer built into them for position sensing.


Are the Ray Allen Company’s position indicators compatible with this system?

YES - We provide a small PC board that is used to interface between the FPS-Plus, and the position indicators.  One board will drive two position indicators.  See the explanation under "Installation".


Can I retrofit my flying plane with the FPS-Plus-nt?

YES - This might take a little rewiring, but is WELL worth the effort.  Probably your biggest challenge, is to find another place to install a redundant flap switch, if you don’t have one already have one installed in your bird.


Can I use the FPS-Plus-nt on non-clutch driven flap motors with limit switches?

YES - You will need to connect it to the flap motor a little differently.  The following schematic should help for pre-planning.  Schematic for non-clutch flap motors