*   FULL AUTOMATIC FLAP POSITIONING, with or without



      *   DESIGNED for +12V & +24V SYSTEMS


      *   Set-Up is FULLY user PROGRAMMABLE!






FPS-Plus Description?

The FPS-Plus is a full service, automatic, flap positioning system, . . Plus!   In the fully automatic step position mode, a “one button touch”, commands the flaps and elevator trim to move.  One touch moves the flap from programmed flap stop, to programmed flap stop.  Holding the flap button down for more than 1 second commands the flaps to go to either the full up, or the full down position.  The FPS-Plus is fully user programmable from 2 to 10 flap positions.  PLEASE read on about the “PLUS” feature.


The “Plus” feature and Pitch Stability

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to adjust your flaps without the nose of your aircraft pitching up or down?  Perfect pitch stability is a very desirable flight characteristic that many small planes do not have.  After adjusting the flaps, most pilots compensate for the pitch up or down by manually cranking in a bit of elevator trim.  We have all done it.  With the FPS-Plus, your aircraft can perform like the larger, more expensive aircraft with good pitch stability.  Your elevator trim will be automatically adjusted for every different flap setting that you command.  You may also adjust it manually if desired.


“FINALLY! , . . No more manual tweaking on final approach to relieve the stick pressure!”


FPS-Plus - Elevator Trim Compensation Advantages

"Aborted landings"

        "Touch & goes"

                and "Slow Flight",  .  .  .  are all made much easier. 


With the FPS-Plus, the pilot can pay more attention to "flying the aircraft", rather than tweaking the correct amount of elevator trim for every different flap setting.  If the pilot desires, he/she may manually adjust the elevator trim after the automatic adjustment of the FPS-Plus has finished.


Flying is made much more enjoyable. Touch & goes, and aborted landings can be accomplished so much faster and trouble free.   Read my story on the Tech page.


On an aborted landing,

All you have to do, is tap the "flap up" button once, and the flaps and the elevator trim are automatically adjusted for you, to the next position up.  If you desire to retract the flaps fully, all you have to do, is press the "flap up" button for more than 1 second. The flaps will be automatically retracted to their full up position. The elevator trim is also automatically adjusted to your cruise trim position. Can you imagine what it is like, . . flying your bird without fighting any stick back-pressure in this situation?


What if the aircraft  weight & balance changes?

The FPS-Plus was designed so that it is very easy for the pilot to store a new elevator trim position in flight, by simply pressing one button.  While this feature of the FPS-Plus is not needed for most two seat aircraft, it may be desired for aircraft of 4 seats or more if the aircraft balance changes from flight to flight significantly.  To readjust the FPS-Plus to a new flight load, for each flap setting, simply adjust your elevator trim manually, then press the programming button.  An new elevator trim position will be stored for that flap position.  The FPS-Plus will automatically adjust the elevator trim for each flap setting thereafter.  NOTE:  (In most cases aircraft flight loads will have to change significantly before the pilot needs to put in new elevator trim values.)



One touch operation changes the flap position from flap stop, to flap stop.  It works the same in either direction.


A long press, (1 Second) sends the flap to either the full up, or the full down position.

IF you choose to operate the FPS-Plus in the "PLUS modes", the elevator trim is also automatically adjusted for you for each and every flap position.


If you ever need to fine tune the elevator trim for different cruise airspeeds or a clime configuration, you may.   Just wait until the FPS-Plus finishes its automatic elevator trim adjustment.  You may then, manually adjust your elevator trim.



The system will operate on +12Vdc or +24Vdc systems.

Maximum amperage for each motor, 10A.

Dimensions (overall) 3" x 5.75" x 1.25"

Footprint 3 x 5.75"

Mounting 2 holes in bottom flanges, 0.156" dia, 5.375" apart

Weight <4oz.



Here is an FPS-Plus spec. sheet "PDF" file that you may print.

    1.) Schematic Diagrams

    2.) What else do you need?

    3.) Switching Documentation for the "not so electrical" guy

FPS-Plus / Schematic Diagrams / What else you Need / Switching Documentation  (229K Bytes)


Schematics for aircraft that have non-clutch driven motors

Schematic - non-clutch flap motors


Installation and Frequently Asked Questions

FPS-Plus - (More Information)


YES, you can use the "Safety Trim" product with out FPS-Plus

Schematic - Safety Trim Wiring to FPS-Plus


A clear picture of a typical Position Sensor Mounting

Position Sensor Mounting


FPS-Plus Manual

FPS-Plus, FPS-Plus Reflex



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